No Extra Charging Cables Are Needed!

Cable-free Portable Watch Charger! - Make Your Life Easier!

This cable-free charger for iwatch does not require an extra cable, eliminating the hassle of cable winding! With the magnetic charging module, you can charge your watch anytime, anywhere, instead of a long-charging cable or an oversized base when outdoors or traveling, just plug it into a power bank/computer/USB socket/wall charger or any other USB charging devices and charging is on the go, the watch will never power off.

Convenient For Traveler

The charging speed of this iWatch charger is as fast as the original, fully charged for watch only in 3.5 hours. What's more, this portable charger for an apple watch is small and compact. You can store it in your pocket and suitcase easily.

Multiple Protections

Built-in output short circuit protection, overvoltage protection, and overload protection offer you a safe environment for both the watch and the charger.

Magnetic Wireless Charger
Magnetic Wireless Charger
Magnetic Wireless Charger
Magnetic Wireless Charger
Magnetic Wireless Charger
Magnetic Wireless Charger
Magnetic Wireless Charger
Magnetic Wireless Charger
Magnetic Wireless Charger
Magnetic Wireless Charger
Magnetic Wireless Charger
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The Apple Watch charger could be safely used with confidence on all Apple Watch versions!
No hassles with cables when it comes to charging. Just plug it into any USB charging devices and charging is on the go! With sleek small and premium construction it greatly saves your space and is portable. You can hang it on your bag thanks to lanyard design or put it in your pocket or wallet and charge your watch at home or where ever you go - in your car, office, or hotel.

Strong Magnetic Wireless Charger
Strong magnetic induction on a wireless charging pad provides an automatic connection. It could fully charge your watch within 2-3 hours and charge as fast as the original magnetic charger.

Convenient for Traveler
Come with a USB for charging, no extra charging cable needed, just simply plug it into computer/USB socket/car charger/power bank or other USB charging devices to get power anytime anywhere (charger and watch can be charged simultaneously).

Compact and Portable
The charger has a compact body. Just slide it into your pocket or hook it on the bag. The keychain design allows you to hang on the keychain to prevent loss when you travel.

Safety Protections
It is built-in over-current, over-voltage, short circuit, and over-temperature protection, provides you a safe environment for both watch and charger. Made of high-quality polycarbonate provide drop protection.

USB Charging
No extra charging cables are needed, saves you from the hassles of tangling cables! Simply plug it into a power bank/wall charger or any other USB charging device and charging is on the go!

Parameter Characteristics:
1. Built-in output short circuit protection.
2. Built-in overvoltage and overload protection.
3. Use the imported components, test the aging of them with a real machine, and the safety performance is high.
4. The performance of anti-interference is excellent.
5. The dc ripple is small, so it has high working efficiency and fast charging speed.
6. Compatible with low working temperature and it has a long service life.

1 * Wireless charger.

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This portable charger is very convenient when traveling or in case of an emergency. The only downside is that the lid can be lost if you are not organized. Overall it's a great-looking portable charger.


Great for travel, and convenience. And great stocking stuffer. I purchased 2 of them. The charging power is spot on. Leave it for an hour or so, and you have a full charge. A brilliant product. It worked as expected. The best for travel or mobility.


I wear my watch all the time so I have this charger plugged in in my car to charge while I drive. Charging on my 30 min drive to and from work every day is usually all the charging I need to do in a day. Small enough to take within my pocket as well.


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